GDPR: 'Don't panic!' data watchdog tells firms

Tough new data protection laws come into effect on Friday that promise to bolster consumer rights. But there are concerns that many firms have not done enough to prepare for the new rules, known as GDPR. Big fines could be imposed on companies that "persistently, deliberately or negligently flout the regulations", the ... Read More »

27th May 2018
Email Marketing Chart: Why consumers unsubscribe from brands’ email

It’s hard to get permission from customers. To get them to actually raise their hand and say, “Yes, please contact me about your company.” The last thing you want to do once you get that permission is lose it. After all, building an email list is a net number. Beyond gross ads coming in, you don’t want to ... Read More »

22nd May 2018
Updates to StreamContact’s Privacy Policy

At StreamContact, we value your privacy. So we’re letting you know about some changes we’re making to our Privacy Policy. We’re making these updates in response to new a data protection regulation that will come into effect in the European Union on May 25th.  Here’s a quick summary of these important ... Read More »

17th May 2018
10 Tips for Better Marketing Emails

Of all the components of the marketing mix, email marketing is perhaps the one that’s come along furthest. It has evolved into a fast, cost-effective and highly responsive tool for marketing, sales, and customer relationship teams. For most industries, email marketing is key to business success. Doing it effectively can have a ... Read More »

11th May 2018
GDPR: 15 (good & bad) examples of repermissioning emails & campaigns

By now, you've probably received at least one email from a company asking you to confirm that you really do want to receive marketing emails. These repermissioning campaigns are an attempt to bring consent up to the standard set by the GDPR, ahead of the regulation's enforcement on 25th May 2018. In this article, ... Read More »

8th May 2018
Email Development Best Practices

Email development can be a daunting task. Many new email developers, or web developers who are new to email, find that the complex and multi-layered email client ecosystem causes endless headaches; a fix for one client breaks their email in three others, or a simple float functions in only half of the email clients available. continue ... Read More »

3rd May 2018