Why Wetherspoon quit social media

JD Wetherspoon has revealed the reason why it is closing down all its social media accounts for its 900 pubs. The pub chain will shut down its Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts with immediate effect after concerns over the misuse of personal data, addictive nature of social media and trolling. continue ... Read More »

16th Apr 2018
10 of the Greatest Email Tactics from 13 of the Greatest Onboarding Emails

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Here’s how to make your first impression great. When you visit a new town, it’s nice to be welcomed. When you meet a new friends, it’s nice to get to know them. When you try a new tool? Well, you probably still want the same thing: someone to say hello to you, ... Read More »

2nd Apr 2018

You’ve probably heard about GDPR. The new European data protection regulation that applies practically to everyone. Especially if you are working in a big company, it’s most likely that there’s already a process for getting your systems in compliance with the regulation. The regulation is basically a law that must ... Read More »

2nd Apr 2018
GDPR Q&A - Third Party Data

Welcome to the fifth instalment of our GDPR Q&A series, where I'll be discussing the use of purchased or rented data under the GDPR. In previous blogs in this series, I've looked at how to decide whether to use single or double opt in and how to present privacy information on sign-up forms. "Can I ... Read More »

2nd Apr 2018
3 Creative Ways to Improve Images in Your Emails

Despite the unmistakable rise of platforms like Snapchat and YouTube in recent years, email still remains a powerhouse for marketing communication. Email marketing remains the king of the marketing kingdom with a 4400% ROI and $44 for every $1 spent. With people of virtually all ages using email on a daily basis, ensuring your ... Read More »

2nd Apr 2018
2017 Deliverability Benchmark Report [pdf]

Reaching the inbox has always been a challenge. Mailbox providers seek to protect their mailbox users and provide the best possible inbox experience, so they have strong restrictions in place on both what is accepted and whether it is placed in the inbox or in the spam folder. Due to these restrictions, globally, one in five messages does ... Read More »

6th Mar 2018
Email Marketing Priorities and Budget Changes for 2018

Personalization, automation, and A/B testing top the list of 2018 email marketing priorities for brands, according to Litmus’ 2018 State of Email Survey of nearly 3,000 marketers. Other major email marketing priorities include optimizing the email creation workflow, exploring interactive email functionality, and ... Read More »

5th Mar 2018
AOL and Yahoo merge could impact your email delivery and MTA

A few weeks ago, AOL reported that AOL and Yahoo will come together under the OATH umbrella and merge with the Yahoo email infrastructure to serve both brands. This happened on 20 February 2018, and now all the AOL recipient domains’ MX, including the following, will point to ... Read More »

5th Mar 2018
9 Experts Weigh in on Email Metrics that Matter

The killer feature of email marketing is the metrics. However, just looking at open rates and click rates each month, noting they’ve gone up or down but not using the data to learn and change means you’re missing out. So what should you do instead? I’ve asked 9 email marketing experts to share how you can get more ... Read More »

5th Mar 2018
Product Emails That Rock

Nearly every app needs account activations, welcome and onboarding messages, account and security alerts, and even humble password resets, but how they’re implemented can vary widely. Today I’d like to share a few examples of really effective product emails and dive into why they work so well. continue ... Read More »

8th Feb 2018